bit of a situation here?!?!?

Dec 23, 2003
OK, last night I did some really extreme stretching , still only in Phase 1, but I really stretch until the skin around the base actually starts to hurt, anyway I am really sore today around and under the base of my penis, I take it this soreness is the ligaments (I hope so anyway), I know I should let them heal but I don't wanna skip a night 'cause then one night becomes two, then it becomes a week, and so on...
...I know if i work my biceps or chest for example down the gym and they are sore the next day, that is a sign to not work them until they have recovered, is this the same with Penis Enlargement, or is it OK to work the ligs when they are sore???
Thanx a lot!


It can also just be skin soreness. I get that when I stretch skin during hanging . Lig soreness however, is still felt if you move the skin over the area outta the way and then press downward.
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