BIO7!!! The Future meets PE!!!


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Jun 28, 2003
Hey Guys!!! I remembered awhile back there was a post about using LEDs to increase penile growth and help prvent injuries by using it as a warm-up. Well this morning I saw an infomercial about a pain relieving device that usesn LEDs to penetrate the skin to deliver soothing heat to the applied areas tissues. It was called the "BIO 7" and when I saw it one TV it was priced $60, but when I did a search for it all the site sell it for $149. I think I will wait to see the infomercial again to purchase this device. The applications for this device can be endless to a stealth Penis Enlargementer. OOOHHH!! By the way did you guys checkout the new rollers that they have made for the Powerjelq!! Checkout the Powerjelq site!! Looks promising!! Take it easy fellow Penis Enlargementers.
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