Billboard Music Awards


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Did anyone watch this trainwreck? Goddamn, it made me ANGRY to watch that garbage.

I'm definitely not a fan, but Pink actually gave a good performance (she actually sang instead of lip syncing...and has a good voice). She's got some thick fuckin' body, man! Not bad at all.

Mandy Moore is even hotter! Goddamn I wanna suck that girl's clit so bad!

Other than that, I won't even get into the rest. Watching that fucking "award" show made my blood boil. You should see what kind of "men" are referred to as "rock stars" these days. They gotta be kidding me.
. . . because it scored her a sitcom deal and a career revival.

keep in mind, shit like these awards shows are marketed at young teenage consumer groups and any other people whose tastes are msot easily influenced by whatever media they may be exposed to. don't get pissed, just be relieved you weren't watcing in ablissful state of entertained contentment. the day that happens you should jump out the window.


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"just be relieved you weren't watcing in ablissful state of entertained contentment."

That is a really good point, man.

It's funny how things in our society are judged on how many units are sold in order to determine if it's "good" or not. Like if some piece of shit "band" sells millions of copies of their shit album, then they must be the best, right? Man, fuck that shit.

Same goes for movies. If it makes millions, then it's considered a "quality" film. Why would so many people see it then if it's bad? It's simple, really. People are fucking retarded.

The Billboard Awards are exactly that...the awards are handed out according to sales only...not in terms of quality. But the big-sellers are mistaken for being quality. There was nothing more horrifying than watching these shit-crumb people who are rich and famous for no reason other than people's cheapness get up on that stage and present these empty awards, or do whatever shit song routine they had planned for the evening. Just a bunch of predictable mediocrity, planned rebellion and assorted fakeness.

I hated watching it, yet I couldn't turn it off. I needed to see it. You have to KNOW your enemy, ya know?


The thing that pisses me off about celebrities and pro athletes is how rich they are for not doing that much, relatively speaking. Doctors get paid shit compared to what these guys make, and which is more of a need?


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There's just way more money floating around in those circles (sports, entertainment)... somebody's gotta get it, right?

Funny stuff red

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