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Tues. 07/01/03

Started Penis Enlargement again after a little over a month off.
I lost an .125 inch in length , must not off been cemented
before taking time off.

Starting stats - 6.25 epbl x 5 eg
Now - 7.375 ebpl x 5.25 eg
bpfsl 7.75
(bpel is measured without straightening my slight upward curve, because i just cant do it with a good erection)

Routine - 5 days a week

15 minutes hang with 7.5 pounds (adding a pound or 2 every week)
10 minute extreme uli, constrictor, base squeeze (depending wich forum you come from)

This routine is short and sweet, but it is what I gain best on.

Will update on 08/01/03

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