Big gainer and time off

Do any of you big gainer take time off? If you do it, eg. work out a few days take one off, pe for a while then take a week off? By big gainers I mean any of you guys who have gain close to an inch or more in length or girth. This whole topic has be confused. On one hand you have to take time off to heal but you also don't want to slow the growing process by not exercising enough. What do you think?


yea ive taken a week off and i dont think i have gained anything maybe 1/16" or so in BPenis EnlargementL no EG tho... But i think i have cemented my gains.


I have never personally gained as a result of taking time off. In other words, I have never seen a sudden increase in size during time off. I have always gained during "on time". There are guys that claim to the contrary as well.

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