Bib hanger shipping box size!!!


Mar 15, 2004
Hey guys i ordered a bib hanger about 3 weeks ago by money order and have it being sent to my college mail address since I didn't want it sent to my house and my parents asking me what I ordered and having to make up something. My question is how big is the box it is shipped in? I am asking because when we get packages sent to us at college we get an e-mail sent to us through the college saying we received a package (that is if the package is too big to fit into our mailboxes, then we have to go pick it up at the mail room). Since I am going back to college this weekend I was just wondering if it could possible fit into my mailbox since it has been about 3 weeks and I have not received an e-mail from my college saying I have received a package. It would be a great first week of college to go get my mail and have my Bib hanger in there waiting for me. And also I saw that MOS was having problems with paypal and credit card orders, was just wondering if that has effected mail orders any or should my Bib hanger have already been shipped? thanks guys!


Jun 25, 2004
The box is slightly larger than the size of your fist.