Better than golf weights?

Oct 22, 2003
"Better than golf weights?"
I was surfing the web for these for quite a while. Hangers might find them useful.
(the wrist rings) upto 4 lbs (1lb each wrist weights)
(1lb each donut weights)'

I don't know if this is too big for the penis but:
2,5,10 lbers

By the way 1 Kg = 2.2 lbs
16 oz = 1 lb so golf weights are measly .33 lbs :(


"Better than golf weights?"
I'm gonna have to agree. They all look too big. Even the 1lb soft wrist weights. I picked some up that looked identical, same weight each at Wal Mart last weekish, and they were just too bulky under my Old Navy Wide Leg Jeans.

I have some golf weights on the way to me from Supra and I'll see how they work when I get them, I'm optimistic about them though (golf weights).

The point of this is to be able to "hang" all day or for several hours at a time during the day or when you have time without having to take breaks frequently. Therefor, you do NOT need anywhere near the amount of weight you would when compared to "regular hanging ". For that reason, the 1.5-2.5lb range seems ideal. You really dont need to use much more resistance than that for this stuff. Even the "best" ADS devices (usually junky wastes of money) such as the JES Extender (which costs around $1,000...with its knock-offs costing around $100-$400ish) only offer resistance up to the 5lb range, and that's with a device that is NOT user friendly or able to be worn for most of the men I've seen USER feedback from.

It looks like the member "inamo" has located two online sources for the type of golf weights I have on the way to me from Supra:
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