Beheading video a hoax?


Jun 3, 2003
Beheading video hoaxed
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"An aspiring politician and video game designer who faked his own beheading by Iraqi militants awoke Saturday to learn that television stations around the world were showing his homemade video of the gruesome hoax. Benjamin Vanderford, 22, said he posted the 55-second clip, which shows a knife sawing against his neck, on an online file-sharing network in May. It circulated in cyberspace before crossing over to major media , airing on Arab television... Federal Bureau of Investigation agents interviewed Vanderford Saturday morning and an investigation has been opened... he decided to distribute the footage on Kazaa, which is used to trade millions of audio, video and software files daily, 'to just make a statement on these type of videos and how easily they can be faked.' Although the video went for months without drawing attention, it spread quickly after it was posted on a militant Islamic Web site that has previously carried claims of violent acts that eventually were verified."

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