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Oct 7, 2003
I have been doing some research on Penis Enlargement. I have found many of sites that provide free info on Penis Enlargement. Most of them say the same thing and a few have the same idea. But what I really wonna know is where do I start? A lot of sites want money for the info provided and some offer the info for free but very little info. Im on a mission everyone and I need your help. To those who have tips and advice, the best way to reach me is by e mail.

Jun 4, 2003
There is comprehensive information and exercises which WILL enlarge your dick and can be found right here in these FREE forums.

Take the time to read through the information here as it's written by everyday folk who are well on the on the way to acheive their dreams and not by people out to make a quick buck.


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Jun 20, 2003
You certainly can learn by reading free forums. I know there are guys out there that have made great gains and become Penis Enlargement masters without ever subscribing to a pay site. However, it takes work and time to gather that amount of information, let alone the time you'll need to invest in your Penis Enlargement workouts. I get nothing financially or otherwise by saying this, but why not just shell out the $50 and join the regular MOS site? I haven't even dug into near all the information contained on the site and I've learned a tremendous amount. Plus, DLD works one on one with his members . What impressed me about MOS (the only site I've ever joined thus far) is the fact that DLD has spent a substantial amount of time helping guys before he ever got into the pay site business. Sure, he's looking to make a buck off the site, but his commitment to the Penis Enlargement cause is genuine.
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