Been Out A While, Need Help PLZ


New member
Jun 22, 2003
Some of you will know me, but most of you won't. I was a moderator on PP. I have only been out for about 4 months but Penis Enlargement really has come leaps and bounds recently. I feel i need a hand with getting back into the swing of things. Before stopping, I knew loads of exercises but im sure loads more have been created. So i ask for experienced members to do me a few favours if it aint too much trouble.

1) Post the links of some thread which are a good read
2) Post links, or descriptions of effective exercises/new(ish) exercises
3) Inform me of any major discoveries that have been made.

DLD and redz I'd love it if you got back to me and let me know what i've missed. But i'd like to hear from other memebers too. I'll be posting "My Story" soon to let you all know about my Penis Enlargement histroy. Thanks for your time.