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Aug 12, 2004
though I'd make the jump to actually posting on 'em.

I guess I'll start off with saying that I've always felt that i have a relatively small penis; 3.25-.5 fl, 4.25-.5 fg, 5.5-6 el, and around 5 eg. I've had a lot of self confidence issues, mostly regarding the size of my shit and I was hoping pe could help me with that. I've already been working my own little program for a couple weeks now, a couple dld blasters here and there, some a stretches , and various other techniques I learned from reading these boards, but I haven't really been noticing and gains (in flacid and erect) and I was hoping maybe somebody here could help me find a good starting routine to help me gain at least another inch in each department. I feel another inch would boost my self-esteem 10 fold and give me the confidence I need to be able to conversate with the other sex and 'seal the deal', so to speak.

I know a lot of you would say that I lie somewhere about average, but in my mind, it's might as well be a little stub with 2 raisins hanging from it. I'm shooting for at least a 7 x 6 (l x g), because that's what I feel would be a normal size. I'd even be happy to just have an extra inch on the girth, because I know that length is just for bragging, girth is what makes all the difference.

I'd appreciate any help you guys can give me with finding a routine that I can work to help me gain those relatively small amounts. I also would like to find a routine that's not going to take 18+ months to see results, because I get discouraged very easily.

Feb 2, 2004
Welcome to the light side. The problem with dicks is that you see them everyday, so you kind of get used to their size. Even if they're 8 x 6, if you've had it all your life you get used to it and your mind tends to latch on to anything about it from the outside world.

As for your question on a good routine, I'd recommend DLD's newbie routine:
(hopefully that works)

It's not only a good starting point for gains, but will condition yourself for more intense exercises later on. Also, be prepared for a long haul if need be. Even though I'm fairly certain you'll see gains in due time, they cannot be guarunteed because everyone (including their dick) is unique. For some it may take longer or shorter, but please don't give up! Come back to the forum if you need to for motivation but keep at it, the one thing I can guauruntee is that if you stay motivated you WILL see the gains you want, but it may take time. I hope your stay here is fruitful, and you create the future you want. Good luck!


Dec 30, 2003
Get to it Son!!!


Oct 28, 2003
Welcome aboard mike! :)
You nailed it head on: most guys here WILL tell you that you're very much an average sized guy, but I'm guessing that it's a small consolation?
Rest assured, though, 7x6 would no longer be an average sized dick by any means. Most women will find such a tool absolutely huge and satisfying, so you can just as well shake off the mentality that you're Penis Enlargementing to get a ''standard sized dick''. Hell, you're Penis Enlargementing to get FROM a standard sized dick TO a meat monster that will intimidate its counterparts in male locker rooms and split pussies wide open. Trust me on this: your current size is nothing to be ashamed of, so just get into it with the mindset that you will soon enough be in the minority of the male populace with your donkey dick.

Regarding how fast gains come; I think it varies a lot from person to person, just like cybershot said. I think the amount of total gains you can make also varies: on the other end of the spectrum there are people like DLD, who have made rapid and enduring progress over the years, gaining huge amounts of extra meat. Then there are the guys who might gain an inch and a half in length and an inch in girth over a very long period of time, regardless of how much effort they put into it. I am at the low end of the spectrum, as I have come to notice, but it seems that guys like myself are the minority. Most guys make good gains in relatively short time periods (relatively in Penis Enlargement terms as in 6-14 months or so), provided that they actually make the effort and stick to it on a daily basis. I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to achieve your goals and even surpass them if you really want it bad enough.


Oct 28, 2003
Welcome mike. Nothing wrong with your stats there man. You can make any woman go wild with the stats like that. Your goal of 7 inches souns great and you can get to it with no problem. Get to work and start with DLD newbie routine.
Oct 11, 2003
You can do it, the quiz of life is to believe and don't accept what we got.
It can be changed, morphed and adjusted.
Nov 18, 2003
hey mike..just finished reading your said that you are easily discouraged....i find that everyone here get a little discourage from time to time...hell i'm sure even dld..feel like this shit isn't gaining fast enough...we all go through a period like this sooner or later...but the important thing is to remember that this is possible...look at all of us here....if it take you two years to reach your goal then so be it...i don't know how old you are..but you said that you gaining size will boost your confidence....well i don't think two years is a long time when it comes to being happy with look at it like that....i just got over some other issues(not body related) that i felt i didn't have any control over and i stopped peing for a few i am back at it determine to make my can do the same...just remember this is not a race to the finish are not competing with noone but yourself....good luck
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