Be Rocks!!!


well fellas I have taken a couple weeks or so off Penis Enlargement due to a serious increase in work hours and instead created a modified version of BE exercise from pricipals posted by Supra and DLD with the ball jelqing, massageing, and ball weights.

ok first let me start by saying before I started this I had a very tight hang and fairly often balls were so tight they might go up inside me. when I first started I could barely wrap my index finger and thumb around the area below the penis but above the balls unless I was done after a warm up session. now I can easily wrap 2 and almost 3 fingers and thumb around it.

ok this is all I do. when ever I bathe or use restroom I wrap around that area with as many fingers as I can and gently pull downward for 30 secs or so, 2-5 times every time I use the bathroom. also I do ball massage when I remember.

I came up with this based on the idea of the ball jelq and ball weights. both we know work because look at supra. but because I'm broke and cheap I had to come up with something safe and still effective, and this seems to work.

what really hit the nail on the head for me is when my wife commented about how nice my package has been looking lately. talk about a self-asteam booster. and she's right my sack is much looser than normal, has helped in falicid hang, and increased sensitivity to that area.

I will continue to BE for a couple more weeks till I hit my desired effect then probably stop but I tell it rocks. and no more ROP nut slipping either unless cold or reall cramped.

I would strongly incourage everyone to give BE a whirl.


Yeah, im definately doing some BE, sounds great loco.


thanks fellas. not saying it's been a permenant fix all ... YET!! but it's in the works. don't desire to have a 6" ball hang like our buddy supra but some hang has it's benifits. and I think I may have found a cheap, easy alternative that seems to be working great for me so far. only time I have noticed any tight hang is right after intercourse or maybe that cool morning breeze when I first get outta bed. but 95% of the time sack is loose and is on it's way to hanging .

maybe one day I'll take supra up on his advice on the 55mm ball weights from secret leather.
BE is great! If your not able to get into the ss weights dont forget there is always leather ones too. They are much cheaper and still help your regime. Keep up the great work!


man BE seems to happen fairly quicky here. am just now am able to barely do 3 fingers. not alot of significant hang but I know it's happening because it's much better than before.

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