Basic Jelg Tips


Dec 27, 2003
Hey DlD,
I have just started phase one and have been doing it everyday now for the past 6 days everything is going awesome. I was just wondering when i do the basic jelq , should i use a palms facing down ok grip , or a palms facing up ok grip . I seem to be having trouble get alot of blood to flow in . I could u help me out with perfecting my jelq technique. Also if u have any other tips that will help me out with phase one i would really apprecaite it, Thank You :O
Feb 23, 2004
I never could get the palms down grip to work right for me, I use up. Also with each stroke kegal some blood in to get more engorgement.


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Jun 18, 2003
Hey I've been jelqing for a while now and I'm wondering if I'm doing it wrong.

How far up to the head is each stroke supposed to go? Should I be stopping my stroke like an inch from the head's ridge? Or should I go all the way till I touch the head?

Each stroke should be super tight and slow right? Whenever I try it that way, my erection fades and it takes me longer to complete a workout. Faster strokes seem to work better as far as keeping up enough wood.

Am I missing something very simple here?


May 18, 2004
I had a difficult time getting jelqing right myself and noticed that the best way for me was to get a full or nearly full erection. Start the jelq at the very base of the penis and work up to the glans, how fast you go depends on your preferences and tolerance.

When you reach the base of the glans you should have your other hand in position at the base of the penis. Squeeze the second jelque as you release the first so the engorged blood doesn't have a chance to escape.

By doing this you keep the maximum amount of blood in the penis.

To add a little intensity when you reach the base of the glans with the first jelq , start the second jelq BEFORE releasing the first and you'll get an extra zing in the workout. You'll be able to feel the pressure in the glans big time...

I find I can go about 25-30 jelqs before I have to work more blood in. But thats what works for me.