Anybody use I heard about it today, it looks better than AFF.


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You gotta be kidding.... that site looks like a complete farce, like every other online dating service.

Here's an idea.... how about a "matcHydromaxaking" or "bangmatching" or whatever site that's fucking FREE?

What hot piece of ass woman would ever use a website to get laid? Gimmie a break.
I have two buddies that try to use such services. I always laugh my ass off when I see it. As of yet, they have not gotten any nookie through their online efforts. I just don't see some hot chick paying to place their personal on an online matcHydromaxaking service when all they have to do is walk into a nightclub and yell, "Hey! Who wants to fuck me?!"


never heard of it, but if it's anything like AFF, it's total bullshit. a lot of the bitches that are listed there aren't even real. they just put pictures of models there to entice you to come to their so called "personal website". when you get there, it asks you to use a credit card to register so you can see the rest of her pictures and charges you something like $9.95 (what the fuck???) I agree with Godsize when he said "What hot piece of ass woman would ever use a website to get laid?" and I add, "what hot piece of ass woman would pay to get laid???" unless she's a total psycho, every hot ass bitch that I know just has to snap her fingers and she'll have a whole shitload of guys begging to fuck her. that's the power of pussy.
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