Balls. Whats going on?

Geez, i wish we all lived in a world where men could actually talk about this sh*t instead of having to steal away to a forum where "enlightened" folks like you all hang out :)

Anyway, i got the Ring of Power a while back, and so far, definitely enjoying it. Still too early to make any wild claims but i *think* i am seeing benefits :)

But for the first time in my life i'm suddenly grappling with my balls. I had never realised how often they little bastards seem to crawl into me. Fitting the RoP is often slow as i have to coax them out.

Quick q's;

1. Is this "normal"? I find it happens in particular when i work out or play squash for example. i practically have no-balls after exercise (flaccid size is really bad too).

2. Is there a sure-fire way to coax them out? Heat? Pulling/pushing?

3. If i wear the RoP long enough will it encourage them to stay "out"? Or is there a product from SecretLeather would do it?

thanks for any advice guys rofl


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I had some difficulty the first few times getting the ROP on and off, but I think it was more due to the latex needing to be stretched out. I use a heating pad as my wrap , and my testicles drop to their max hang in about 5 minutes with it. I'd suggest using that first to see if it solves your problem. As for keeping them from crawling up inside, you might want to contact Supra. He's had more experience with scrotum hang, ball growth, etc. than anyone I can think of.
I guess Heat would be the way to go?

I'm interested in "making" my balls hang a little lower (not quite on the scale of Supras bull balls) - is it as simple as wearing something that slowly stretches the skin..?


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Yeah, I think heat would get your balls to desend as much as they can, so you have something to deal with in order to get the ROP on. I don't think I'll be much help on the other thing, though. I'm pretty happy with my testicle hang, so I don't experiment much.

If you're a member of the pay site, take a look at the testicle health routine. That's about all I actively do, myself.

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