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AVATARS must be PG rated! Everyone Please Read



Jun 3, 2003
AVATARS must be PG rated! Everyone Please Read

AVATARS must be PG rated! I have seen a few people with r and x rated avatars, this is not allowed here out of respect to the members who do not want to be exposed to that. Please modify all avatars asap. My MODS and I will delete any that do not fall at or under PG rated. Sorry but some folks do not want to see this stuff. You may say, "what about the porno forum", this forum is elective and people do not have to see this material if they choose not to but an avatar is universally viewed by every member.

Thanks for understanding


You may ask what PG is, here is the definition: Some material may not be suitable for children.

No Nudity
No Obscenities
No Erotic Cartoon that depict Nudity