Automotive analogies to PE



Jun 15, 2003
I love cars and today I thought of two things that correlate to Penis Enlargement.

When asked, why must the general public need a car that can go 150+ MPH, when it could rarely be used on the open streets? One answers, because I can have it. This relates well to having a 9X6 penis, because most will see it as overkill, but not its owner.

In addition, a common street racing saying is that, no matter what you do, there will always be someone better than you. In the Penis Enlargement world this is true, my goal of 9X6 may not be the biggest, but it is still an accomplishment in its self. Any other correlations?


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Nov 25, 2003
Yeah I see what your saying, good thinking man!

You made me think about my sound system in my truck! I got two subs ( infinity), two 3 way 6 x 9's (rockford fosgate), two 6 inch door speakers ( infinity), tow dash speakers ( infinity), and two, 4 channel amps, (1 MTX) and (1 rockford fosgate) pushing around 1000 watts with my system.

Now to the averge music listener this is just too much sound. In a car all you really need is a head unit, a pair of 6 x 9's and some door speakers to sound decent.

But to someone like me who likes to disturb the old lady in the car next to me smoking a cig with her window down, this is perfect. You can hear my bass from far away. Plus my highs are incredible!

Relate this to Penis Enlargement and my goal of 10 x 7 and you'll see its very similar. True someone out there might have 4 subs and 4 amps, with 10 speakers along with it. Hell I'm still packing a mean punch when it comes to sound quality! And in my pants I'm still packing a mean stick at 8.5 x 6!
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