Australian cult criticized over organ donations


Jun 3, 2003
Australian cult criticized over organ donations
Sydney Herald Sun |
"Members of a bizarre internet cult have breached strict Australian health laws by donating their kidneys to hospitals as 'living sacrifices' for God. The Jesus Christians cult claims the members lied to health authorities in Victoria and NSW so they could donate their kidneys to strangers in need of a transplant. In Australia, kidney donations are barred for anyone apart from family members , friends or those with an emotional connection to prevent organs being sold on the black market. Jesus Christians also urge members to donate parts of their livers... The Bible-based cult claims on its website it is simply practising what the Apostle Paul preached when he urged Romans to present their bodies as 'living sacrifices.' ... The Jesus Christians cult, founded in Melbourne in 1982, hit world headlines in 2000 when British police accused cult members of kidnapping and brainwashing a 16-year-old boy. It uses the internet to preach bizarre teachings, such as asking members to join the Virgin Army and masturbate rather than marry."

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