Sep 5, 2003
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How's it going Red? I wanted to thank you for posting about your constrictors as well as ask you a few questions, if you don't mind.

I've been doing a variation of your "constrictors" with the cable clamps (I guess it's an Extreme Uli/constrictor). I get 80 % erect, wrap the base with ACE bandage, then attach the clamp. I tighten the clamp somewhat, then get fully erect, then really close the clamp good and tight.

I keep the erection going by sometimes rubbing the head, but actually I find that I don't need to do this continuously to keep the erection, since the pressure is so intense.

The thought of going 25 minutes like this scares me, so I do sets of 10 min, with 3 min massage breaks in between each set. I can handle 5 sets now. I'm in no rush to add a second clamp below head, or add bends or any other technique for increasing the intensity. They're already intense enough for now.

Some observations/questions:

1)My erect length seems to be increasing as I do these. I know I measure .25" longer when my sessions are finished. Do you feel as though your constrictors have had any carry over on length gains? You have gone from 6.6 to 8.3. Is this all from stretching ?

2)In your description on Penis Pride, you stated that you used a shoe string, but recently on this forum you stated that the cable clamps are the best. Do you currently use cable clamps, then?

3)The temptation to, you know, "finish off" when my workout is over is incredibly strong. Do you ever, uh, sacrifice a few of your men when you're done? Do you feel that it can impact gains?

4)Have you ever considered combining these with pumping ? I intersperse short, low pressure pump sets in between the sets of uli's to encourage further expansion. Man! I look huge when I get done.

5)Ever done these with the multi clamp?

6)Soon it will be 2004. Will you change your screen name to "RedZulu2004"?

7)No hard feelings after I took you to task on Lamarckian evolution, right? Sorry if I offended you.

Thanks, and take care.


P.S. I can't forget to include a shout out to Godsize. Bastards still haven't shipped my multi-clamp. Let's have a war.
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Jun 3, 2003
"Attn: RedZulu2003"
well hello Metal-Ed how are fine...been ill recently and not been around.

Anyways heres my input.
Ya have it all sussed right...ya aint rushing it which is CORRECT especially with this line of exercise.

Now Q#1 I would say that most of my length gains came from Some sort of girth exercise....I have NEVER really done alot of stretching , although I have gained bits here and their from it...I would say that its 1/2 each - girth work and length work attributing to my erect length gains.
BUT I agree....the Constrictors must be doing summt as I could sware I seem to be slightly longer erect and alot longer I guess with time, it could boom the erect length ? we shall see.

Q#2 Yep I used to use a shoe string...was alright back than, but was a pain in the arse to do.
I only use my beloved cable clamp now...its simply the best.

Q#3 I dont cum after a workout...I am like that, I dont think it will effect ya gains though...just that I hold it off, its kinda like another exercise in away - control...I have however cummed a few hours before doing this work, but never after.

Q#4 I aint got a pump rofl but would say go for long as ya know what ya doing with the device? I aint a damn clue.
But I could see pumping helping in some way...dunno this...further expanding with more fluid and than trapping that...holding it their so its further expanded etc yea go for it, but be careful.

Q#5 Yep....I call these Advanced Horses - do a couple of these in my worouts to prevent any baseball bat type looks appearing.

Q#6 rofl Goodpoint.....I will leave it now the way it is..2003 was the year I came into the Net pe domain...when I stopped lurking and became active so to its kinda a landmark when I got speaking about this stuff...became a teacher and not a student anymore I guess.

Q#7 Yeah I remembered it...the blood suckers right ;) nah I wasnt offended...I was annoyed abit at the time rofl like we all are when someone might not agree with us....but we are all diff''' people with diff''' views...with this the world can be better.
If we were say all like Hitler..than thw world wouldn't be here.
Individuality is a great thing - I am sad to see it diminishing and peeps turning into sheep and doing what fred does.
I respect all who stand up and say what they feel.....its a strong thing is that.

Man it feels like being on Prime Ministers question time :bottumsup I hope the answers help...if ya have any more #Q than just say so I dont mind.

Sep 5, 2003
"Attn: RedZulu2003"
Thanks for the prompt response. I'm really feeling these things. The post-workout size is awesome. It's like a vision of my future dick.

Now I just don't know what to call 'em.... constrictors? Extreme uli's? Uli/constrictors?

By the way, if everyone was like Hitler, there would still be people in the world. Just no filthy Jews like me.

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