Army logistics during Iraq invasion totally fubar


Jun 3, 2003
Army logistics during Iraq invasion totally fubar
Los Angeles Times |
"American soldiers who defeated the Iraqi regime 15 months ago received virtually none of the critical spare parts they needed to keep their tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles running. They ran chronically short of food, water and ammunition. Their radios often failed them. Their medics had to forage for medical supplies; artillery gunners had to cannibalize parts from captured Iraqi guns... [Our military had] a broken supply system that left crucial spare parts and lubricants on warehouse shelves in Kuwait while tank personnel outside Baghdad ripped parts from broken-down tanks and raided Iraqi supplies of oil and lubricants... Within the 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized), which spearheaded the U.S. assault on Baghdad, 'literally every maneuver battalion commander asserted that he could not have continued offensive operations for another two weeks without some spare parts,' the study said... [The study] called ammunition re-supply problematic and said the medical supply system 'failed to work.' Engineers desperate for explosives foraged for abandoned Iraqi explosives and tore apart mine-clearing charges to use the explosives to blow up captured Iraqi equipment." [Absolutely astonishing.]

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