Army fucks over whistleblower Army fucks over whistleblower


Jun 3, 2003
Army fucks over whistleblower
"The Army kept a soldier whistle-blower in a locked psychiatric ward at its top medical center for nearly two weeks despite concern from some medical staff that he be released, according to medical records. The Army then charged him nearly $6,000 for the stay at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, billing records show... Last fall [Army Reserve Lt. Jullian Goodrum] sought mental health care at Fort Knox but was turned away - just days after complaining in the press about poor medical treatment at Fort Knox... Goodrum showed up at Walter Reed hospital in Washington Feb. 9, where doctors admitted him to Ward 54, the locked psychiatric unit... Doctors planned to move him to outpatient therapy - out of the locked ward - on Feb. 19. But records show Fort Knox officials contacted Walter Reed on Feb. 18 and said to keep him in the locked ward... Goodrum was held in the locked psychiatric ward for the next 13 days." [You motherfuckers should be dishonorably discharged, locked up.]

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