Area of Jelq Pressure and its Effect on Width


Hi Everyone,

I have a question about jelqing to maximize width. When I jelq I concentrate the pressure on the sides of the penis, ie. the CCs. So I am squezing the sides. The other option would be to apply pressure to the top and bottom, squezing the top and bottom. I usually avoid this in order to avoid dorsal nerves and veins. My question is which will result in more width? Could the side squezing way actually be counterproductive to width?



When you put pressure on the sides, blood is forced to the top and bottom, enlarging them.. when you put pressure on the top and bottom, blood forced to the sides increases width. That's why pan squeezes, toilet squeeses etc. etc. apply pressure to the top and bottom.

Any reason not to do an extreme base grip before starting the toilet compressions? I have a real tough time maintaining an eraction during the sets.

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