Are there Non-Latex condoms for the big guys?



I usually use Trojan Magnum XL's. These fit me best size wise for condoms so far. I remember when they used to be loose...anyway. I have recently tried "Durex Avanti" condoms. They are the non-latex...polypropowhatever material. They feel a lot better than the latex condoms I have tried....but they are too tight. The band at the base hurts to roll down and take off. So, does anyone know if there are non-latex, larger sized condoms for us guys with bigger girths? ?:(


I doubt it man. I think the condom companies treat the big ones like they do their other novelty condoms. This is why you don't see ribbed magnums and such. I doubt they'd make a nonlatex big one, but you mught find one.
Trojan Supras are polyurethane and they are larger than normal condoms. I dunno the exact measurements but you could check em out.
9cyclops9 said:
They named a condom after Supra? Soon we'll be seeing Trojan ROPs!
Ya haha. has pretty cheap prices and they ship for free. They are a legitimate site because I do order from them.

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