Are Flaccid Gains Any Indication That Erect Gains Are Coming?


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Jun 18, 2003
Over the past month, I've been jelqing and squeezing vigorously every day with a day off here and there. I've put the multiclamp away for awhile.

I've been noticing a much better hang when flaccid... longer and thicker. I took this as an indication that I should keep on top of my program to "parlay" these "gains" so that they become "real". That's the right idea, right?

My dick was starting to feel a little sore, so I took two days off.

Now my flaccid hang is BULLSHIT. I'm not really gaining at a dramatic pace to begin with, now I take a couple days off and I'm back at square one. What the fuck? I guess I'm gonna have to Penis Enlargement for the rest of my life just to MAINTAIN, 'cause I'm gaining at a snail's pace.

Frustration ain't even the word.
Oct 7, 2003
Relax! don't confuse gain with over expansion witch comes quickly gains take a while to "cement" keep going and you will be permanently bigger
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