Archdiocese files Chapter 11, dragging out molestation suits


Jun 3, 2003
Archdiocese files Chapter 11, dragging out molestation suits
Oregonian |
"Portland Archbishop John G. Vlazny said bankruptcy was the church's only move in the face of empty coffers, a pair of lawsuits seeking more than $155 million and dozens of other unsettled claims. In its filing, the archdiocese said its largest 20 lawsuits added up to more than $340 million in claims... Although other Catholic dioceses have threatened bankruptcy to protect themselves from the crush of priest abuse litigation, Portland is the first to file the papers. The Portland archdiocese and its insurers already have spent more than $53 million to settle more than 130 claims of priest abuse - the second-highest settlement figure in the nation. Lawsuits by 60 more plaintiffs remain unsettled... Lynn Cadigan, an Arizona plaintiffs' attorney, said Tucson diocesan officials said they would file for bankruptcy if the plaintiffs would not agree to postpone a trial that is scheduled to begin in September. 'When the corruption of the entire diocese could be exposed - that's when they want concealment and bankruptcy,' Cadigan said."

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