Arab terrorists presumably planning encore


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Jun 3, 2003
Arab terrorists presumably planning encore
Washington Times |
"Flight crews and air marshals say Middle Eastern men are staking out airports, probing security measures and conducting test runs aboard airplanes for a terrorist attack. At least two midflight incidents have involved numerous men of Middle Eastern descent behaving in what one pilot called 'stereotypical' behavior of an organized attempt to attack a plane. 'No doubt these are dry runs for a terrorist attack,' an air marshal said... A second pilot said that, on one of his recent flights, an air marshal forced his way into the lavatory at the front of his plane after a man of Middle Eastern descent locked himself in for a long period. The marshal found the mirror had been removed and the man was attempting to break through the wall. The cockpit was on the other side... 'It's a probe. They are probing us,' said a second air marshal, who confirmed that Middle Eastern men try to flush out marshals by rushing the cockpit and stopping suddenly."