Approaching – First Impressions



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Jun 4, 2003
In general, a woman makes a decision about whether or not she would like to sleep with a man very early during a first encounter. That is why acting like a desperate and horny or a simply nice and wimpy AFC yields you nothing. Ever. Including later. And if a woman has decided that she is not interested in sleeping with you, no amount of pursuit or persuasion is going to move her. Many men have wasted their precious time and energy by ignoring the reality of having fallen into the LJBF zone.

All in all, there is nothing you can do to change her mind. Unless... you change yourself. Should you be able to leave your old AFC habits behind and become a man, she won't be able to hold on to her old beliefs about you. Now that you're different and can make her feel different, present yourself to her anew and watch the fireworks.

This however does not revoke the importance of a first impression. Women are used to making up their minds (about you-know-what) according to their first impressions so changing their minds about it will be somewhat of a paradigm shift. You can make it happen, but with a considerably more effort on your part than if you had left the right impression on her the first time around (which she would have returned by leaving the right kind of impressions on you - her claw-marks on your back).

In conclusion, if you're an AFC - she will either like you or not, and there's nothing you can do about it. If you're a PUA, your options are much more varied - maybe she just didn't like the approach you used, no problem, try another one, or maybe you simply weren't at your best, next time you meet, she has a chance to reevaluate her position.


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