Anyone tried the "Power Jelq" device?


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Use your hands. Yes, it's that simple.


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Originally posted by Gardenier90
Use your hands. Yes, it's that simple.
Oh please: if you had to do very precise, lengthy calculations,
would you prefer paper and pen or a computer ? This is in no
way meant as a comparison but rather to illustrate my point.

If a device exists that can facilitate and increase the quality of
my work, therefore enhancing my efficiency, I will certainly use
it. The reason for the thread's creation is simple: to acquire as
much information on said item and other similars falling under
the same class as possible: if you're unwilling to participate in
this information gathering, please abstain from posting here ...

I already know how to use my hands but being the standard of
comparison, I can try other methods and select the one which I
find most suited to accomplish my goal.


I gave your thread a better title so it may get more replies. Also, if you have not already done so...ask around at thundersplace and the forums.


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Originally posted by stillwantmore
I gave your thread a better title so it may get more replies. Also, if you have not already done so...ask around at thundersplace and the forums.
Thank you.


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For christ sake dont be so hostile to this person..hes just asking for advice.
Sorry about the attitudes dude....I myself dont know the answers to ya questions and it seems neither do our members .

I advise you stick around and see if anyone else says anything.

Welcome to MOS also.


Im not sure if Red was including me in having a bad attitude, but if you took my post the wrong way im sorry. i was just trying to give you a cheaper alternitve instead of spending alot of money when you could spend 3.99.


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I didn't get much in the way of results from the Power Jelq device, but maybe you will. Some people swear by this thing, I just swear at it.

Like that other dude said, you can get a jar lifter thing from that other place for real cheap... it's the same thing as the power-jelq. My suggestion is you get the jar lifter from the cheap place, and just order the rollers from the powerjelq people instead of trying to make 'em. You get the best of both worlds.


I'm also skeptical about that powerjelq thing. I've looked into it in the past, but I don't believe that it's worth $40 or that it is "better" than using my hands.
I believe the hands allow you more precision, with less fuss - able to grip closest to base, encircle the penis more (the pj obviously can't do this), and hands are probably more comfortable, especially as your jelq nears the glans/coronal ridge area (I bet the accumulated effect of those rollers can be irritating).
Anyway, there a few guys in the other forums who use/used to use it - but I never heard any rave comments about it.


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I've used it, and it can give you a good workout. I stopped using it for two reasons:

1) it was a bit weak - I can get a much better jelq with my own hands (albeit it with more effort, but it feels worth it)

2) when used heavily, or even moderately so, the rollers have a tendency to pop off. No joke, I gashed my poor pecker twice with that thing, and that's the big reason I stopped using it.

Basically, a good idea, but cheap/poor execution. Manual beats it for me...
I got it when they first came out because my hands got tired real quick. It works ok but on a 1-10 scale of quality of jelq your hands can give you a 11 it will only get you a 6. I'll sell you mine at 1/2 price + s&H if you really want it.

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