Any one fix a curve?

I know this has been talked about before. But I'm wondering if anyone has successfully fix a curve in there dick. Mine hooks to the left and it pisses me off. I do some of the jelq and bend exercises every once in a while but I haven't seen a change. If any of you guys have fixed a curve and would like to share there routine that worked for you it would make my day. Thanks a bunch.


I had a slight curve to the left and fixed it by doing bends in the opposite direction everyday, you have to be consistent though


I fixed mine (wich was prette severe after a injury) by doing lots of stretches each and everyday to the opposite side of the curve.

You get the curve to left or right if you :

Peyronies (Very bad condition to have because you can get multiple curves , even up and down in sequence)

Do Pe with one hand only all the time (same grip , same arm , same side)

Masturbate with the same hand all the time !

Always put the dick to the same side in jeans.

Or worst case scenario (for me) , you damage one of the chambers like I did and it shortens a bit because scar tissue developes at the damaged place.

If it bothers you like it did me. Let me tell you good news , it can be fixed !

The fastest way to do it is really make the whole Penis Enlargement workouts AGAINST the curve...doesn't matter what you do , jelqs , bends , stretches ...

I fought the curve for like 6 month after the injury and I won ! I had the best curve correction in the last 2 month where I really conecentrated on long stretches in order to stretch out the shorter chamber !

Its as straight as a damn arrow now - when looked from above..(never has been like this in my whole life) I still have my slight upward curve but thats the greatest thing to have so I don't need to change that !

Do the chamber lengthening DAILY !

Oh and one thing that I noticed and got scared at first :

In the first few weeks where I focused on doing a workout that really attacks the short side - the short side actually became even shorter.
The curve became even more visible. I stopped and was pretty upset about this. However I figured out that this shortening only happened directly after intense workouts and is a normal reaction of the tissue + ligs ! I resumed and started seeing VERY good results after one was hanging much more often staright down when flaccid and when erect the curve became less and less visible...the shortening after a workout also dissapeared after one month , I guess i got used to it !

Work easy into it !

Good luck !

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