Another idea to avoid hanger pinching.



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Defeating the Bib pinch Post #1

This just in from an emailer. Well not 'just', I had to try it out and it works.

Wrap as usual. Place your shaft in the shaft well as deep as possible and close the hanger . Put the top bolt in place. Squeeze the two halves together and spin the top wing nut till it seats, but do not tighten.

Here is the important part. You can do this with one hand on the Starter, but it might take two with the regular. While the hanger is still loose, hold the bottom, on the skids, with your fingers, and push the shaft down, front and back, as far into the shaft well as possible. Then, squeeze the two halves together some more by hand, and spin the wing nut again. Then, proceed to tighten the rest of the way.

This should keep the top of the shaft well away from the top teeth.

Let us know what you think.

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I have advised guys on this in the past just never posted it. Figured it was common sense to push your skin out of the way of the teeth...guess it's not. LOL.


Nov 10, 2003
Do you still have pinching problems now that you have the starter? I have one on the way and am hoping it's the pinch-free ticket. Hanging would be so much more enjoyable pain-free.
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