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Oct 25, 2003
Hi all,

This is my first post on a Penis Enlargement forum in my life, so nice to meet you all :)

I have a minor problem. I've been Jelqing for 2 months now and always after 2 days of Jelqing I get annoying wounds at the base of my shaft. They are no problem really, they heal very quickly and they dont leave scars. But as said before.. they are annoying :p
I'm not really sure, but maybe it's because I start with the recommended semi-erection but work to a 80-90% erection very quickly.
I used to do a set of 500 Jelqs , but now I do a 1000. There was no real difference tho, I still get the wounds, even if I go for 500.
After every Jelq excercise I rub some Vaseline on it. It helps, but not much.

Any idea how to reduce/avoid them?

Thnx in advance.


Are you doing your jelqing DRY like you make it seem? If so, how about using some lube ? Sound like some skin irritation...although you have not really gone into much detail about these so called "wounds". Are they gushy pussy things? Are you bleeding? Or, are you just getting dry skin spots? More details man! Why are you jelqing ? Just wondering. If you want girth, you may want to use the search feature and look at some alternative/more efficient girth exercises.


Oct 25, 2003
I thought I was detailed enough but it seems not :)

Ok, I am Jelqing primarily to cure my curve, but also for length and girth. I really dislike the curve, so I started to do some research first which took me quite some time. Finally, I concluded Jelqing seems to be the best to cure my curve.

I always use lube , it would be less easy without it ;)
A warmup at the start too ofcourse.
The wounds at the base of ym shaft is probably the cause the continues skin stretching , and it varies from tiny skin bursts or just sensitive spots.
It always heals in 1-2 days. I guess I should accept my penis to heal instead of getting "trained" every day :p

My schedule as followed:

Monday: Jelq
Tuesday: Jelq
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Jelq
Friday: Jelq
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Jelq

As you can see I always take a rest after 2 days of Jelqing .
I'm happy about the results tho. I gained 1,4cm in length and 0,5cm in girth in 1 month :)
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Jun 29, 2003
Welcome ApOcaLyPSe_1985, Jelqing routine looks fine, but no stretch exercises listed. Is this all you do? As for the base problem, try using a heavy duty skin moisturizer a couple times a day. That may be your only problem, micro tears from stretching the skin.
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