Andy Kaufman Returns After 20 Years



Jun 3, 2003
Andy Kaufman Returns After 20 Years

Twenty years ago, on May 16, 1984, most of the world believed that we ha lost a comedic legend forever. This has turned out to be what will inevitably b known as the greatest comic prank ever conceived. Andy Kaufman, by al accounts, is alive and well at age 55 and is now living in New York City on th upper west side. To his loyal supporters and fans, Andy says "sorry about fakin my death," in a recent interview with ABC News at his apartment. In order to reach legendar comic status and seal his place in the history of performance art, he said it was "necessary t go away for twenty years.

Even though he has technically returned, Andy says that he plans to maintain his low key lifestyle that he has led for the past twenty years. He has resumed contact with friends and family. Fearing the possibility of this scenario and the potential for another hoax, Kaufman's family has contracted with independent auditors Ernst & Young to determine if this in fact the real Andy Kaufman.

He has subjected himself to medical examination and suBathmateitted DNA, hair, blood and fingerprint samples to the auditors. Ernst & Young and the Kaufman family report that with a 99% probability, this is indeed the real Andy Kaufman. His mother says, "It's good to have Andy back."

In 1999, a new crop of Kaufman fans were born after Jim Carrey starred in the hit film Man on the Moon. "Andy's bizarre mix of comedy and performance art will inspire fans and comedians alike for generations, especially after this stunt," says Jim Carrey.

Andy says he will make only occasional public appearances, sometimes in disguise so that you won't know if it's really him or someone else. Kaufman was famous for pulling this stunt with the Tony Clifton character, sometimes played by good friend Bob Zmuda.

Andy says fans should tune into his website for ongoing updates to his adventures in life. As always, Andy's stage has been the world, testing the boundaries of our beliefs, our sources of information, and our perception of reality. "It's good to be back," Andy writes on his website.

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