An idea I've been toying with...


I was giving thought to how you could reduce stress during mechanical stretching or ADS and had an idea but don't have the means to check it out, so I thought I would put it up here and see if anyone could help.

The idea was to make a device based opun those chinese finger puzzles, you know, you insert your finger into both ends of the woven tube and when you pull your fingers apart it cinches up tight.

Why couldn't a similar design be employed as an anchor for a stretching device? Anyone know what I'm talking about? Where would you get instructions for building one of these chinese finger puzzles? and what do you think of the idea, would it be plausible?


I know what your talking about, and it would probably work out well for stretching , and even better for foreskin restoration. Unfortunately I dont know how to make them, or where to buy a quality one. (The ones sold in the US are CRAP!)

I tried finding a suitable material for doing exactly this. But the issues were:

1) erections
2) pulling skin and not gripping internal structures
3) the "lacing" might pinch severly as it tightened down
4) circulation
You might want to go to your local electrical supply outlet or a good sizeable hardware store and ask for a wire pulling harness. It's exactly what you're looking for; it grips tighter the more tension you apply. Even has an attachment point for yer weights. Just make sure to get the right size and "Wrap 'Dat Rascal" !! 'Cuz the wire making up the harness will cut the flesh.
Good luck !


I've had this Idea once before, but never posted the idea. So all rights go to you for posting your idea first, so here is how i can help you. They call them Finger Traps traction for tendon operations of the hand. The Nylon looks like they would be the most comfortable, getting them large enough to fit the penis, is one problem I've found.


Good job, Dude!
You can actually make those harnesses out of just about anything flexible, from parachute cord to those rubber surgical tubes people use for exercising. As anybody could see from those damn good pix o' yers; they ain't very complicated. Any good internet article or library book about knot tying and splicing should have pretty good, detailed directions. I just never used one 'cuz I'm a manual kinda guy...never got much into hangin'.

Matter of fact: If you could find some surgical tubing that stretches open far enough you could put that over your penis and then use a harness to hang. The tubing would provide "dunnage" and a damn good grip to boot.
I first tried these back in 1980 and they worked marginally well for lower weights, however, the do not allow a pull from the tip of the penis. They actually need to grab a lot more of the penis to stay connected and so you don't get a full length stretch . Dig? :s

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