An alternative to measuring with a ruler

I've been pondering this for a day or two, and have decided this could be a way to help ease the anxiety that some of you feel about making gains. Many of the members on the board here seem to be becomming too wrapped up in the numbers on the ruler, and I believe that this creates a negative mental aspect that will limit gains. I believe I may have come up with a means of somewhat remedying this:

Construct a model of your ideal size out of any materials you have around the house. Some suggestions are a paper towel roll, some paper mache, can of shaving gel...basically anything resembling the shape of a penis that is the size that you'd liek to be. Now challenge yourself to go for at least 2 months without picking up a ruler to measure your penis. Instead of getting precise measurements, just compare your penis to the model every now and then to get a vague idea of how you're coming along.

I believe that without the unneeded emphasis placed on statistical numbers, one could stand to make more gains do to a more positive outlook. I invite all of you to try out this idea and let me know how you like it.


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I agree, its ALL IN THE MIND, its so powerful as we know.
Damn thing can be told to ignore PAIN if you know what ya doing.
I would advise what ya said Papercut, or using a VERY small ruler like 6 inches or below to see the length .
As for girth, I would say if peeps are nervous with that than use a marker pen and compare to that, think how mnay of them pens would take to make ya girth up - quite a few.
Its all about the MIND.

I have SHIT days sometimes.
I see my cock and think WTF its nowhere near 7 inches nevermind near 9 inches length , and sometimes I look at it and I am BLWON away.

The mind is our enemy and freind, I am gunna learn how to use it.
Its a PC [more powerful] and can be told what to do...with time penile anxiety as I call it will be a thing of the past.
Someone did this a couple of days ago and posted himself next to a papertowel roll. It was a great pic and a great idea. We all get caught up in numbers and finding an object that you want to emulate is a great way of measuring up BUT w/o the stress of numbers.....Also great for visualization because you can SEE want you want to achieve..DEFINATELY TWO THUMBS UP
I must say that I'm intrigued by this idea and I am willing to give it a go!
I can just see it now, " See the pee pee, Be the pee pee, Become one with the pee pee". It will be zen Penis Enlargement. But, it is really a great idea
Thinking of doing the same, seems kewl!

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