American vigilantes operated private prison in Afghanistan


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Jun 3, 2003
American vigilantes operated private prison in Afghanistan
"Afghan government officials raided a rented house in the capital late Sunday where the three Americans lived. They found a private prison inside the building that contained eight prisoners, a Ministry of Interior official said Friday... At a news briefing Thursday, State Dept. spokesman Richard Boucher identified all three as American citizens, noting 'the U.S. government does not employ or sponsor these men.' ... The Americans did not torture their prisoners, but did administer 'some beatings,' the official added... The Americans were mainly detaining men with long beards on the outskirts of Kabul who they suspected - based on their appearance - to be members of al Qaeda, the interior ministry official said. [Jonathan Idema] and his two colleagues would then interrogate the prisoners in an attempt to get them to confess they were members of the terrorist network, the official said... The official said the story would 'definitely have a negative impact on the image of Americans' among Afghans." [Sure won't help.]