Alzheimer's patient locked up


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Alzheimer's patient locked up
CBS News |
"An Alzheimer's-stricken man who violated a judge's instructions to stop driving was jailed for two days before he was ordered transferred Friday to a secure nursing home. Albert Brenner, 75, thinks he has a job as a traveling salesman peddling 1970s-era rotary telephones, his lawyer said. On Wednesday, Judge Geoffrey D. Cohen ordered Brenner held at a state mental hospital for criminals until his mental health could be 'restored' and he can stand trial on battery charges. Cohen said the elderly man posed a danger to the public and himself by insisting on driving... 'It's not Albert Brenner's fault that he has Alzheimer's,' his attorney Betsy Benson said. 'We have a person who is not going to become competent, who... cannot follow the rules and regulations.'" [Tough shit. Is that supposed to console the family of somebody he runs over?]


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