Alternating Girth and Length Workouts


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Mar 4, 2004
First I'd like to say that after a full week of Penis Enlargement I'm Hooked! I feel great about myself and my schlong. I used to have a lot of doubt about my size; now just the fact that I'm doing something about it gives me a boost of confidence. I've also found the exercizes to be very relaxing.

I've been doing DLDs Newbie routine, but I want to step it up a notch by adding some of Stillwantmore's girth exercises and some maybe erect bends, but I have some questions about this:

1) Is it too soon to start increasing my workout? Should I wait until (I've completed DLDs newbie routine?
2) If I start adding girth exercizes, should those be alternated on a daily basis with lenght exercise (just basic jelqing , 300x), or can I do a girth regiment, then a hrdcore jelqing session in the same workout?
3) are there any specialized stretches for girth stuff?

Any info would be helpful! Thanks fellas. This is a great community that you have here.

Oh yeah, I took a quickmeasurement today (at my one week mark), and I measured 1/8' longer. That's probably just measuring inaccuracy, or swelling. But that got me really fired up about Penis Enlargement. Why haven't I been doing this for years?


Beginning 3/4/04:
5.5" BPenis EnlargementL x 4.5" Girth
7" BPenis EnlargementL x 6" girth


If youre getting good results so far, I'd stick with what youre doing now for at least your first couple months. Give you penis more time to adapt to the new stresses you are applying to has never gone through this type of stuff before. You will after a while start to learn how much your body can tolerate. One of the big things to remember with Penis Enlargement is that it's not always best to just jump into a new, more intense routine. Especially if like I said, what youre currently doing is giving you good results. Keep at it though, youre on the right track.
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