Alleged cult sues former members


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Jun 3, 2003
Alleged cult sues former members
Portsmouth Herald |
"Former clients of a local nonprofit, The Gentle Wind Project, have alleged in postings to a Web site that the organization was involved in group sex, mind control, extortion, child neglect and misappropriation of funds. In response, Project officials have filed a suit in Maine's U.S. District Court against those clients, calling their claims 'wild, scurrilous and utterly unfounded.' ... Gentle Wind, located on Prince Avenue for the past 18 years, is asking for a jury trial and financial compensation. It describes itself as 'dedicated to education and research aimed at alleviating human suffering and trauma,' through what it calls 'healing instruments.' An online article written by [spokesman Mary Miller], a Durham resident, displays photographs of those healing instruments. One appears as three tuning forks and is labeled a 'Puck-Puck,' another is a palm-held unit called 'the healing puck,' while a third is a diagram said to provide healing power to those who hold it for just several minutes. Miller said she is aware Gentle Wind's approach sounds a bit far-fetched. 'I know, but we really have good research evidence that shows the technology works well for some people - not all people,' she said. 'We're not New Age wackos.'"