Alleged animal hoarder arrested


Jun 3, 2003
Alleged animal hoarder arrested
WKMG-TV 6 Orlando |
"Two Seminole County sheriff's deputies responded to a complaint of animal cruelty 10 days ago at 500 Snow Hill Road in Geneva, Fla. When the pair walked up to the house, they noticed 'seepage of urine' running out the front door, according to a sheriff's department report. When the officers entered Wilda Davis' home, they found the dogs and birds inside laying or walking on a floor covered with their own urine and feces. There was no fresh water or food inside the home and several dogs had 'green matter' oozing from their eyes. The food left out for the animals was covered in maggots and food moths. Also, there were old and new bites on several of the dogs with no apparent medical attention. Davis was reportedly given 10 days to clean up the house. When officers noticed that the conditions at the woman's house had not changed, she was arrested Monday and the animals were confiscated."

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