alentine's day massacre



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Dec 10, 2003
Ok, now I've never been a big fan of valentine's day and truly has nothing to do with having a girlfriend or not. Putting aside the fact that the holiday is a celebration of St. Valentine, the relentless consumerism, and the lovey dovey couples that attempt to put their "love" into words. In 1929 Al capone had seven men killed, in what came to be known as the St. Valentine's day massacre. Within it's own the day had nothing to do with the murder, but with the fact that this terrible event just so happened on such a love filled holiday has to be thought of as kind of ironic. The reality of the situation is that we all know Valentine's day sucks, date or not, if you don't have a date you feel like awww poor pitiful me, or if you have a date you feel like awww poor pitiful me, I mean who knew flowers that are going to die in three days would cost $100. I figure hey I have plenty of time over the year to appreciate the woman I love, what makes this one single day so different than the rest, absolutely nothing. So as I am headed to the valentine's Day formal in my tux, her in the one dress of 400 that she liked, and I am going to dance my butt off, have a blast, and come back and still hate this holiday.
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