Al Goldstein evicted from Florida mansion


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Al Goldstein evicted from Florida mansion
Miami Herald |
"Broward County's favorite loudmouth smut peddler - publisher of defunct Screw magazine - has decamped for Florida's Gulf Coast. His company, Milky Way Productions, went bankrupt last year, forcing the sale of Casa de Al... Pittsburgh investors who paid $1.8 million plan to bulldoze the place and build two McMansions. Last week, strangers roamed his house and handled his stuff, traumatic for an obsessive-compulsive. He fled to a bedroom with antidepressants and ice cream, to fondle his remotes and fixate on Court TV... Goldstein claims he has been reduced to living on $1,630-a-month Social Security checks, and loans from friends, including $7,800 from comrade-in-porn Larry Flynt."


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