air bubbles???

Oct 5, 2003
"air bubbles???"
Hey everybody
Dont know if its air bubbles (doubt it), or just swelling, but lately after the work-out, the skin under my glans (underside) is huge. like almost the size of the front bit of the thumb! dont know what it has to do with, but im guessing its some sort of swelling from the work-out. it doesnt hurt (only if i squeeze it). anyone know what this is?



"air bubbles???"
Yep, sounds exactly like swelling. Actually, swelling and fluid retention. Fluid under the skin many times gets pushed forward by the motion of jelqing because of the pressure. I have had this in the past from intense jelqing and also from hanging weights. Before I learned to wrap properly for hanging . Most guys seem to get this to varying degrees from jelqing at some point...some get it like you have described, and others get more of a "donut" where there is fluid retained completely around the circumcision scar. It's usually something you go through as sort of a 'phase'. It should stop happening as much and probably quit happening all together as your penis continues to adapt to the stress. If it does not quit happening after a couple more months, I would look into squeezing exercises intead of jelqing for girth.
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