air bubbles? please heLP!

i'm getting more of the air bubbles in the skin now, wtf, I don't want to stop Penis Enlargement but it seems that if I continue my cock will look like hell. They look just like the regular skin but filled with air or something. Please tell me someone else had this and fixed it? Feedback! ! ! ?:(


I doubt that it is air bubbles unless you have a genetic defect. More than likely it is fluid buildup. Give it a days rest and go back at it. Use a little less intensity when exercising girth. Work back into your normal routine over a few days.
Hydromaxm, well it's something because i've had a bubble that's on the front side (just were the circ line goes) and it's been there for 1-2 months now.
Hydromaxm it doesn't look anything like that, it's just skin and then it has a lump (looks like it's filled with air or something). So I don't know :/ it really sucks


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the reason why you've had it for a month is because Penis Enlargement will keep it there. You have to stop altogether to make it go away.....i've had this problem its nealy totally gone but its take 3 weeks. If you jelq before it goes you just have to start waiting all over again...they really are a pain!!
yeah i would post a picture but don't have a camera in the house, and no friends have(only crappy webcams that suck ass). :)


Yeah, I also have one of those, just started Penis Enlargementing a few days ago.
It does look sort of like its air inside it, but probably an illusion. Similar to the ones I rarely get on my tongue(although those certainly looks filled with air!). When I try to pinch it of with my nails, I cant do it. It seems extremely resilient to pinching off. Its no bigger than 0.5-1 millimeter though, but causing me no problems when Penis Enlargementing.


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Yea I get those when I hang really heavy, NBG (No big Deal). They go away after I take the hanger off and get the circulation going good.

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