After Thought: Seduction In The Year 2k


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Jun 3, 2003
"After Thought: Seduction In The Year 2k"
Chapter VI

In seduction, the first step - often overlooked - is to take a step back and survey the situation from all angles. You should do this with every woman that you find yourself attracted to and wanting to get to know. By doing this from the start, you are putting yourself in control of the situation before it develops into something where you lose control. Meaning, your hormones take over and fuck everything up.

Seduction often fails to get by the first step because it is too aggressive. The first move must be a retreat. Psychologically, a retreat draws the woman in, the animal instinct inside her telling her to give chase. But then her feminine logic takes over and once again her walls go up. And so you approach again, then back off. Approach closer; back off even further. Approach even closer; back off even further. The longer this process continues, the more that she becomes involved psychologically. All it takes is patience on your part.

Do you see what is happening?

First off, to understand how seduction works, realize that humans are instinct-driven to look for habits and standards in the world around them, which at the same time fuels a strong need to predict patterns in other people's actions. If you can't predict something, you lose a sense of control. This is why an aura of "mystery" is so enthralling - when people are presented with mystery, they suddenly feel as if they're not in control of the situation because they don't understand it, and now they must do something to gain control and understand. It becomes a priority on a subconscious level.

By acting interested, and then disinterested, your goal is to bait her into giving chase. You are manipulating her into perceiving you as a challenge. Challenge and chase go hand in hand.

Seduction is a mind game. Throughout it all you're making her think about you more and more, and it's her instinct to want to predict your next move, which - if you're doing things right - she won't be able to. Each step of the way you become more of a challenge. At some point she may decide that she is in love with you. If you take it too far, though, she may lose control to her instinct and become obsessed. (While obsession does have it's negative aspects - rent the movie, The Crush - it makes for great sex. Sex with an attractive, obsessed woman is one of the seven wonders of the world, which unfortunately most guys have never known and most probably never will, unless they take this book to heart.)

You are giving yourself the ultimate control. Never again will a woman lead you on or effectively play hard to get, because at the first sign of these things you're going to know exactly what she's doing and you'll know how to turn the tables. While she's stuck on trying to play a mind game, you're becoming a god in a sense, because, armed with what you know after reading this, you now have the knowledge to do what it takes to awaken some of her most basic instincts and therefore you can guide her actions and emotional processes.

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