After a Short Break


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Dec 10, 2003
"After a Short Break"
I have taken the last four days off, because of schedule and I needed the rest. I've taken measurements today.

EL: 6.5
BPenis EnlargementL: 7.375
Midshaft EG: 5.25
Base: 5.00
Headsize: 4 1/8
FSL: 7.5

My new routine is the stretching routine that DLD gave me, seven days a week. Girth and width are everyother day, primarily focused on head size and upper shaft work. I tried the dash wrap today and I liked it, not as much fluid buildup as constrictors, and I felt it stretching the head directly. I'm going to follow this routine for about 2 months and recheck progress. I think I've got a good plan here, comments are welcome, and I'll probably keep an update log, because I know there are many, like myself, curious to see if the dash wrap is as good as it seems. Holla

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