Ive been doing Pe for a few months now, and not seen any real gains in length but i think my girth has improved slightly, im thinking about hanging because most people seem to get bigger gains from it.
If i hang will it improve my girth aswell as hopefully length , im gonna try making a CaptinsWrench has anyone had success with hanging with this or should i try another method. Would be greatfull for you advice



At Present i try to do as much as i can but with living with my folks its not easy but i try to do this routine daily.

Morning Stretch - 5 - 10mins

Main Afternoon Routine
5Min Warm Up
10min Manual Stretch - A Stretch , Squat Stretch etc
10mins Jelq + Girth Buster Exercises
10Min Stretching

Sometimes i do extra but i can make a shower last 1hr haha,


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