Administrator allegedly pissed away $5 million


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Administrator allegedly pissed away $5 million
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"Former ATSIC deputy chairman 'Sugar' Ray Robinson allegedly gambled nearly $5 million - or the equivalent of more than $5300 a day - at Queensland casinos over a 30-month period. Mr Robinson's gambling records were obtained by federal police after search warrants were executed as part of an ongoing investigation into the serving ATSIC commissioner, who has been under scrutiny over his management of taxpayer-funded Aboriginal corporations in Queensland. Details of the $4.8 million in wagers between July 2000 and December 2002 were itemised on Mr Robinson's Conrad Jupiters Casino rewards card, which tallies up the amount a gambler outlays... At the time, Mr Robinson was earning a base salary of $105,000 a year for his role as deputy chairman of the representative indigenous body... Mr Robinson resigned from his deputy's post in June 2003 after being embroiled in a controversy over the funding and accountability of several organisations he headed."


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