Accused sadist allegedly liked to fuck homeless guys


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Jun 3, 2003
Accused sadist allegedly liked to fuck homeless guys
Baytown Sun |
"For almost 20 years [James Michael Broomas] used a Montrose apartment, known to the area's youth as the 'Freak Shack,' solely to prey on homeless young men, said Houston police investigator Matt Dexter. After arresting Broomas at his RicHydromaxond Avenue accounting office Tuesday, police entered his one-bedroom apartment around the corner and found more than 700 videos , most involving homosexual bondage. Investigators also found pliers, paddles, ropes - one tied like a hangman's noose - strings, scarves, condoms, bondage magazines and boys', women's and men's undergarments. Dexter said police have all but categorized Broomas as a sexual sadist. His violence escalated over the years, Dexter said. 'If he wouldn't have been apprehended, I'm convinced that eventually he would have killed one of these kids,' he said."