A Sexxxy Story...Author Unknown


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Jun 3, 2003
"A Sexxxy Story...Author Unknown"
After such eye popping oral, I want to stand up close with you.
Your breast grazing my chest with each deep breath you take.
Brushing my nose against your ear you flinch slightly at its coolness.
I trace its outline with my tongue, flicking it in and out...deliberately advertising my oral skills.
I nibble on your earlobes then waltz my lips around your jaw and cheeks, catching your bottom lip lightly between my teeth I suck on it.
Then I search your soft sweet mouth for your busy tongue while my hands are appreciating your asscheeks.
After we swordfight with our tongues I move down your neck softly kissing your throat as a deep moan tries to escape from deep within you.
I bite your shoulders, brush your nipples against my goatee.
I place one of them in my mouth and suck on it hard, all the while flicking that isolated nipple with the tip of my tongue.
I nip it with my front teeth blowing on it and watch it get even harder to my attention.
Changing like a windshield wiper between the two responsive orbs.
I can hear your cuntjuices dripping but that will have to wait a few moments longer.
I lower myself to access your edible stomach, pausing by your belly button and give it a soft sloppy kiss.
Your stomach quivers as I slowly make a beeline further south.
As I reach your pubes I turn you around reluctantly.
I bite your asscheeks and slap them following each slap with a tongue trailing kiss.
You reach one hand up and pull hard on a nipple and try to slip the other between your drenched thighs but I forbid you for the moment.
I crack your freshly washed butt open like an eggshell and bury my nose in your rosebud as I stretch my tongue out and part your swollen cuntlips, taking in the ample sweetness readily flowing from within you.
As I part the gates to your jade garden, mumbling how delicious you taste it sends tremors through your sensitive body and I am almost drowned in your gushing nectar.
I kiss and nibble down your trembling thighs, down to the backs of your knees.
I turn you around and smile at the glazed look on yor face as you stand astride my face.
I let you dip one finger deep inside you and tell you to clench your pussy muscles around it like you will my cock when I enter you.
Then I finally let you taste yourself and share the succulent finger with you.
I make you dip it in again and rub it on your marble hard nipples and lick the taste of your seasoned breast.
Then I lurch between your snatch and fasten my mouth onto your twitching twat.
Licking your tastey twat.
Lapping up your soaked snatch I probe my tongue deep inside you as you grind your pelvis against my face matching each stroke of my tongue as it fucks you furiously.
I slip my index finger in and rotate it while licking you into a frenzy and hold on to you for dear life as you buck wildly in another body wracking orgasm.
I take my moistened finger and ease it into your accomodating asshole while flicking away on your raised clit, sending you over the edge again.
With that I slip on my orange scented condom and plunge into you thrusting all the way in.
I push you up against the wall and hold you there.
Not moving letting you adjust to my rock hard rod stretching your pussy walls.
I gradually start stroking you long hard and deeply.
Gaining momentum with your oils making my stroking piston glisten as it plunges in and out of you.
Faster and faster, deeper and deeper as you open up and wrap your legs around my waist to take all of me in.
I can feel your hungry love hole milking me on to the point of no return.
I am banging you in a blurred frenzy and you are clawing my back and biting my neck.
As I fire away deep inside you, you come with me, juices dripping down my balls as I hold you up by your asscheeks pinned against the wall.
As we catch our breath you tap me on my shoulder and we look around to see your husband clapping in approval.
"Well done Bajanoost. That's the way my wife wanted to start her holiday in Barbados."...
Day 1...
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