A Run In With The Law


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Jun 3, 2003
Author: Unknown

I had just turned 19 when I was on my way home from a New Years Eve party. I had plenty to drink when I first got to the party. However, I had quit drinking about an hour before I left to go home. I lived on the out skirts of town so I didn't worry much about getting pulled over. Unfortunately for me luck was not on my side this particular evening. I was sliding along a back road, when I noticed lights flashing in my rear view mirror. I was scared shitless. I had never been stopped for anything, and even though I felt sober I knew there was enough alcohol in my system to have me arrested.

I pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. I cautiously rolled down my window. My hands were shaking uncontrollably! A tall, tough looking, policeman walked hurriedly towards my car. He peered in the window at me. "Miss may I see your drivers license," he insisted.

I nervously went threw my wallet to find it. I knew I had it, but I couldn't find it. I was so nervous I was looking in places I knew it wouldn't even be. "Just a minute I'll find it," I assured him. He glared, "you know it's against the law to drive without a license don't you?" he asked. "Yes Sir," I admitted meekly. "I'm sorry, I just can't find it, I have one." I pleaded.

"Please step out of the car Miss!" he ordered . I got out and leaned up against my car door. "Have you been drinking?" he barked. "Yes Sir," I replied nervously but not much. He was a tall, good looking man in a rugged sort of way. "Well missy it looks like you're in for a big fine," he boasted. I started to cry. "My parents would kill me if they knew," I explained. "Hmm I guess you should of thought of that before," he told me.

I dried my eyes and looked into his pale brown eyes. "Please, I would do anything to get out of this! I'll never do it again. Can't you please just let me go?" I begged. He looked down at me with a stern face. With his finger he brushed away a tear from the corner of my eye. "You are a very pretty girl," he said. "You best be careful I may take you up on that," he said teasingly. He took me by the hand and led me to his car. He told me to get in the back seat, as he opened the door for me. He got in the back seat beside me. Now I was worried what was he going to do?

"Take your shirt off," he said firmly. I was a little scared. I did it, I didn't want him to arrest me. He leaned over and gently, kissed my neck. A rush of excitement pulsed threw my entire body. He put his hand on my chest and massaged my nipples. My nipples instantly stood at attention at his touch. His arms were so thick with strength, yet he was ever so gentle. He seemed like a man who knew what he wanted and I wanted to give it to him.

I ran my fingers threw his short, red hair. The night was so dark and quiet. His breathe was the only thing I could hear. Or maybe the only thing I wanted to hear. He reached behind my back and undid my bra. It was cold and the windows were starting to steam up. He softly, kissed a path from my neck to my pink little nipples. They looked like pink pencil erasers as my excitement mounted.

He began licking, and sucking, on one and then the other. I closed my eyes and concentrated on his touch. I was starting to feel a real need to be fucked. His hot panting, conveyed his readiness for me. I slipped my hands over his biceps and squeezed them tightly. He slid one hand between my legs and began rubbing my crotch. My legs seemed to spread all by themselves. I brushed my hand over his zipper. He was definitely hard. He looked at me with lust filled eyes. "You can never say anything about this," he whispered. "Don't worry," I assured him. "Put your hands behind your back," he demanded. I stuck out my naked chest and put my hands behind me. He took the handcuffs from his belt, and cuffed my hands behind my back. He pushed me down on the seat and took off my socks and shoes.

I wasn't sure what was happening, but I was pretty sure I wasn't going to jail. The tall stranger reached his hands up under my skirt and pulled down my panties. They were soaked with my juices. "It's time for you to get what you deserve," he muttered. He spread my legs, and slipped between them. It was a tight squeeze in the back of his car. He took a moment to admire my freshly shaven pussy. Then he forced his head down between my legs. He spread opened my lips with his fingers and licked my clit. The feeling was so intense. I panted wildly! His tongue plunged in and out of my sticky hole.

He sucked my clit into his mouth. He gently nibbled on it. The fire was burning hot inside of me. "You taste so good," he mumbled. I was ready to cum. I begged him to stop. I really wanted him to fuck me. He started licking my clit a little roughly. Then he plunged a finger into my hot cunt. It felt so good as he berried it in my wet flesh. He fucked me with his finger and licked me at the same time. I was teetering on an orgasm but I tried to hold back.

Finally, he climbed on top of me. His cock was perfect in shape and size. With one hand on each of my knees he spread my legs. His eyes concentrated on my pussy, as he began to work his enormous member into me. I gasped when I felt his hard head forcing it's way in my door. "God your tight," he complained. He rocked his hips and drilled slowly into me. The girth of his cock felt so massive inside of me. I thought I might tear. It took a long time for him to work his whole cock inside of me.

He was watching his dick slide in and out of my wet pussy. He felt very strong and powerful as he fucked me. He plunged in and out of me. Sweat was beginning to drip from his forehead onto my naked chest. He moaned quietly with pleasure as he forced himself deeper inside of me. His rhytHydromax was amazing. His strength, such a turn on. He fucked me so perfectly well. He was a powerhouse! All at once a rumble of pleasure took over my body. I shook and screamed! I quaked and squeezed him tightly. I never had a more fulfilling orgasm. My cunt was so full of him inside of me it ached.

It was awesome. He put his hands on my hips and held me firmly. He fucked me very fast and hard!! Suddenly, his hot sperm exploded into me. It felt like a small bomb going off inside of me. His boiling hot sperm singed my insides.

I have never seen him since but I drink and drive all the time in the hopes that he will find me. I really want to fuck that cop again.


Nov 15, 2003
What would make that story even better is if at the end he drove to the police station and locked her up for drunk driving and public nudity.


May 18, 2004
Jason1 said:
What would make that story even better is if at the end he drove to the police station and locked her up for drunk driving and public nudity.

LOL she'd be like: 'what, a fucking wasn't enough? Man, what do i have to do in this town?!"


May 18, 2004
I bet that cop does Penis Enlargement. Perfect shape and size........the hints of a Penis Enlargement'er :)

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